Design Services

Jobsite Survey / Consultation

Kitchen Design Group charges a minimal fee for the initial jobsite visit and consultation. This fee is to cover the time and expense of visiting the jobsite, gathering accurate field measurements, reviewing your wish list regarding style, color, materials and features, and preparing the initial design concepts for your project.  This fee may be charged, reduced, or waived at the designer's discretion.

Design Retainer

Our designers will normally finalize your design with the initial presentation and one or two follow up appointments. Should there be many additional design changes requiring additional appointments and design time, your designer may require payment of a Design Retainer to cover the cost of additional time spent completing these changes, and revising drawings and pricing.  The amount of the Design Retainer is at the discretion of your designer.

Kitchen (or other)  "Design Only" services (design without product purchase) 

Kitchen Design Group offers “Design Only” services for a fee. This is available to those clients who wish to take advantage of our expertise in kitchen and bath design, yet may wish to purchase their cabinetry and other materials from other sources than Kitchen Design Group.  Should you then choose to purchase the products for this design from us, we may apply all or part of the design fee to that purchase. "Design Only" fees are based on a limited amount of design time, and a Design Retainer may be required when substantial changes or revisions are requested.

 "Design Only" services are at the discretion of the designer, based on their current schedule and workload.  Your designer may refer you to another of the designer/partners at Kitchen Design Group.  "Design Only" fees are to be prepaid, and do not include overseeing the installation.

About our Design Drawings

Kitchen Design Group does not offer "Free Design Service", therefore, we do not give out our design drawings or sketches without the purchase of the materials for the project being designed, or with the payment of a "Design Only" fee.