Expert Bathroom Remodeling & Home Renovations in Akron, Ohio

When you contact Kitchen Design Group in Akron, Ohio, your bathroom remodeling and home renovations turn out exactly as you wanted. Make the choice to provide your family and guests with a flair for detail and perfection.
Bathroom Sink - Home Renovations

The Best Bathrooms Possible

Remodeling bathrooms is a special kind of blending of arts and sciences where the goal is to provide a powerful utility with a unique and comfortable atmosphere. Our residential and commercial services include full and partial bathroom renovations of all levels of difficulty and scope, including tiny tune-up projects.

Work with our professional and courteous contractors as they install your new tile or wood flooring and appointments. We offer expert installation of cabinetry, including custom-designed and built options for your room’s exact specifications. Put together your list of dram fixtures and assorted details, and we’re ready to provide you with a completed bathroom that surpasses your expectations.

Other Room Projects

Take advantage of our unique skills for all your remodeling needs for other room such as offices, entertainment centers, wet bars, and closets. We offer complete remodeling of these areas based on your specifications.

Complete Design Services

Get the kind of designs that match your wishes and dreams. We offer design services that are design-only on a fee basis determined by content and size should you want to use your own company or skills for the actual construction.

Contact Kitchen Design Group in Akron, Ohio, to discover the kind of kitchen,
bathroom, and overall home remodeling services you’ve always wanted.